The Creator Grant: Application Tips

Follow these quick and easy tips to write the best application possible for our Creator Grant! Show us how you're different!

We've had some amazing applications since the launch of the Creator Grant last year, and we continue to encourage detailed and interesting answers to the questions within the application for all future applicants.

A huge thank you to our partners, EVOLVE and Gamer Advantage for supporting!

The following will be some tips and advice on how to create the best answers and strengthen your chances of being awarded the grant, and finally how to apply.

How to stand out from the crowd in your Creator Grant Application.

Question 1 – What’s your Content Creator name?

This is how we find you! Make sure it is accurate.

Question 2 – What’s your Twitter or active social media profile?

Remember there are millions of people on social media – spelling, punctuation and correct characters are important. We want to be able to view your profile, see your community and your interactions with them.

If you don't have Twitter - Facebook, Instagram, or similar are great alternatives.

Question 3 – About your channel

Tell us about you!

Your channel is part of you, and we want to hear your passion for what you do. Introduce yourself as a content creator, who you are, what you stream or publish, and about your community.

Feel free to break this into sections to address each point in detail.

Question 4 – What is your follower count on your chosen streaming or video platform? (If applicable to you).

A good example of this would be to organise your answer as below: – 568 – 3,560 – 75, 123

Question 5 – What are your viewed hours? (If applicable to you).

You can use the same format as Question 4 but replace followers with viewed hours.

Question 6 – What is your average monthly streaming time (hours/days)?

You can use the same format as Question 4 but replace followers with streaming time in hours and/or days.

Question 7 – How many videos on average do you upload per month? (If applicable to you).

You can use the same format as Question 4 but replace followers with number of videos. You can include VODs from Twitch and Facebook etc. in this.

Question 8 – The Creator Grant

There are two important parts to this!

- Why you are applying.
- What you would like the Grant to be spent on.

Remember, the grant cannot be spent on graphic or design work from GETREKT Labs.

This section is your chance to show us how you’re different! Explain what you would use the grant for and why –

Do you need a new microphone because your previous one intermittently cuts out and impacts your community’s enjoyment of your stream?

Do you need another monitor so you can read and respond to chat whilst streaming?

Do you have all the electrical equipment you need but your desk doesn’t allow you to utilise it as it’s too small?

These are just a few examples of why content creators apply for the Creator Grant. Think creatively and make sure your answer is detailed.

Question 9 – Provide a website link to your chosen item.

GETREKT Labs is based in the UK, so please keep this in mind when supplying the item you have chosen for the Creator Grant to be spent on.

An Amazon link is preferable, and the maximum spend is $250 USD (or equivalent to the exchange rate).

Question 10 – Name and Address

This is where we are sending what your Grant has been spent on! Please include your full name.

Question 11 – Affiliation

Supply your valid email address as this is where our partners will contact you for possible affiliation!

The GETREKT Labs team will also use this in regards to your Creator Grant application.

As always, make sure you read the terms and conditions set forward at the end of the application!

Make sure you follow @getrektlabs and to be kept up to date.

We look forward to reading all of your amazing applications again!

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