Lab Report: Patch 2.6

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Marvel in it!

Hey Hey, it's Friday! We've got an even split this week between some sweet new emote releases, and bumping up our bumper serving of Dark Realm assets. Are you an Elden Ring junkie, or scream at the thought of YOU DIED appearing every 5 minutes .. (I am the latter).

As we sweep into the weekend, lets have a look at what is literally in store.

Elden ring ready

Dark Realm Bundle

Get everything Dark Realm in one place!

• 3D Animated Pack
• 3D Chest Alerts
• DMCA Free Soundtrack
• 8 Hand Illustrated Emotes

Easy 1-click set-up included, ready for Twitch, Facebook and YouTube.


Dark Realm SFX

Ready to really feel like you're about to come upon that boss that will definitely one bang you the first time?

Look no further! Dark Realm SFX is here.

Fully original soundtrack, all DMCA free.

Meet your heroes

Reactor Emotes

Reactor gets it's next expansion with these awesome emotes!

8 fantastic designs featuring a firm fan favourite!

All hand illustrated original, inspired designs!

Colour pop

Grid Emotes

Our clean neutrals and colour pop pack gets its next expansion with these original emotes!

Features 8 unique designs created by the team.

Creator Grant, the return!

We wanted to glance over an announcement posted earlier today - The Creator Grant is returning!

One of our favourite activities will be making it's 2022 debut, and is a popular piece with industry reps and content creators combined.

Keep an eye on our socials later next week for more information, if you're an up and coming streamer or creator - this is something you will not want to miss!

Also if you are an industry rep and you'd like to be involved, get in touch -

Opportunity awaits..

Community is key.

We know, you know - that your community is a huge part of who you are. And for us that is no different.

The Elements community Discord is free for anyone to join, and it is where you will receive the latest news and updates from the team here. In the coming weeks, the Discord will be utilised for some really exciting activities. If you'd like to be ahead of the crowd, join us!

On top of the community, we are also on standby for all techinical aspects of our Elements packs. Unsure of what you're doing, or something not working as expected - we will be on hand! We are in the UK, so during all business hours a member of the team can help out. Also feel free to check out the resources below.


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Personally, this has been a hugely exciting week for me. The death of events and community meet ups due to the pandemic may finally be at some kind of an end. Whilst the team will always be safe and cautious with our future plans, we can't wait to see some more of you.

For now, whilst I hamster wheel in the background making plans, keep an eye on our socials for updates and news.

Remember for extra support direct from the GETREKT team, and to be the first to know our new releases, join the GETREKT Elements Discord.

Until next week,


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