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Hey there Chief

Happy Friday! We have a bumper, mega, ultimate Halo inspired edition this week. Expansions for the Warthog pack are in bound!

Before we go over this week's releases, let have a look at another Halo inspired release this week: It's Halo on the small screen!

Halo: $200m of pretty, and not much else.

Firstly, shout out to our brothers and sisters across the pond (and those who have managed to watch through very legit ways) for testing the series out for us before it arrives in the rest of the world.

Some unencouraging words were spoken prior to the series release, which I think tempered the expectations of the die hard fans.

When speaking about the creative process behind the series, showrunner Steven Kane told Variety,We didn't look at the game. We didn't talk about the game. We talked about the characters and the world.”

I'm not sure if it's just me but I feel like looking at the game, when making a TV show that is based on a game, and perhaps even playing the game.. seems like an essential part of research that should have taken place. Prior to it's release, fans of the series had already spotted inconsistencies in the lore, characters and story of the TV Show.

Let's take a look back at the trailer before release - Halo TV Series spoilers ahead:

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Reviews for the first episode are already in and many have described it as expensive, amazing scenery, but lacking substance. There seems to be a divide between fans of the game series who believe that a Halo series not steeped in lore and accurate game story, is a great thing - echoing the likes of Tomb Raider, and Arcane as great but rare examples as a good translation from game to TV. And then there are those that wanted the accuracy and specifics that they grew to love and honour from the game series. And then finally, there are the people who have never played or seen a Halo game, who can enjoy it for the futuristic, sci-fi epic it proclaims to be.

The release of the newest instalment of the Halo game series in December came with much excitement and anticipation, but only 3 short months later and the servers are dry. What was once a competitive gaming powerhouse, could now be compared to the short shelf life of a new Call of Duty campaign. Given the TV show was delayed for 2 years due to COVID, we could assume it was supposed to be a precusor of hype for the game released in December - perhaps they believed releasing it the other way around would draw attention to both platforms.

The TV series, as we've discussed, does not follow the games and offers an separate timeline which allows a degree of flexibility, and to be assumed, plot holes, to allow the show to dance around the Halo world a little more freely for entertainment purposes.

We are quickly introduced to the daughter of the General who presides over Madrigal, Kwan Ah - a land that is fighting hard for independence from the human based colonies across the universe. It isn't long before she finds herself interwoven into Master Chief's story. A step away from the games, the Spartans, are not regarded as the heroes and in fact, they are considered to be the enemy.

It's revealed that Master Chief has supressed memories, something that will cause problems for his superiors and they press for him and Kwan to return to base for debriefing - of course this goes horribly wrong and our introduction to the rest of the series begins with the duo heading off into space.

So did you tune in? And are you holding out hope for the rest of the series? The next episode for the US will be the 31st March 2022, exclusive to US, Australian and Canadian streaming service Paramount+. The UK release date is yet to be confirmed.

Look like a chief, feel like a chief

Expansion time! To continue with the Halo theme, we have new upgrades for our Warthog pack! Let's see what expansions are out now.

ultimate bundle


Our Halo inspired pack - Warthog - is now available in one easy bundle. Welcome to the Warthog Ultimate Bundle!


• 2D Animated Stream Pack including Animated Scenes, Overlays, Scene Transition, Alerts, Panels, Offline Screen and more

• 3D Animated Chest Alert Pack s

• Emote pack including 8 hand illustrated Emotes

• Premium SFX Pack, all DMCA free

warthog expansion


An up close look at our new Emotes for the Warthog pack!

8 unique emotes, all hand illustrated by the team.

Ready for Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming.


So that covers our Halo inspired edition of the Lab Report. Are you excited for episode 2 of the Halo series? We'd love to hear your thoughts on social media @getrektlabs.

If you're loving the game and the tv show in their own right, checking out our Warthog bundle is definitely for you!

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