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Game On!

There have been some great releases in the gaming world this week, and some exciting releases on our store! Whether you've been swinging axes in Midgard, or getting familiar with Rathalos, we hope you had a chance to check out what we had in store. Now we have some pixel perfect treats live and available to buy!

Retro pixel


This week we have our new release - Arcade! Available in both animated and static versions, this is the perfect theme for new kids and nostalgic kids alike.

Social and Sponsor Rotator

Rotator Widget

A fully customisable rotator widget, perfect for displaying sponsors and socials on your stream.

Customise timings, videos, images and more with this purpose made widget.

EXPAND your Expanse

Orbital SFX

The latest expansion pack available for our Orbital pack.

Sit back and experience the sounds of the expanse, perfect for anyone who loves space, stars and the celestial.

Available on Elements now

Galleon Emotes

Galleon Stream Pack

Orbital Emotes


We've got some amazing packs planned this month, including more 3D assets on the way! There are some key game releases during January and February, we can't wait to show you what we've been working on!

Our lastest competition on Social Media was a huge success, congratulations to the winners! Make sure to follow us on socials for future chances to win some of our products - the last giveaway was our Guardian 3D chest alerts.

Remember for extra support, and to be the first to know our new releases, join the GETREKT Elements Discord.

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