Twitch Updates: New streaming tools announced at Twitch Con.

Everything you need to know about the announcements made at Twitch Con Las Vegas 2023, including multiplatform streaming, clip editing, stories, streamer collabs, user functionalities, and more.

What has changed and what does this mean for you?

Feature announcements and shocker revelations.

Twitch Con Las Vegas 2023 took place this past weekend and a LOT of exciting new features were added for creators! Coming soon is a huge boost to discoverability and short form content, as well as a MASSIVE announcement of supported multiplatform streaming - something that has been wished for by creators for what feels like a millennia. If you'd like to watch the full Keynote from Twitch, you can do so here.

We are going to break down each feature announced by Twitch to explore what this could mean to you and your content!

Collaboration with Streamers: Stream Together

Add Animated Emotes as Alerts to your stream

Security, Promotion and Ads Updates

Stories and Clip Editing

Multiplatform Streaming: Simulcasting

Stream Together: Collaboration is better!

You may have already heard of Guest Star - a tool announced previously that allowed streamers to collaborate on their stream content.

Twitch have decided to level up this version and now Stream Together has been created to replace it.

Currently in BETA so is very much a work in process, but the idea is that streamers can collab on stream via multiple live channels or as a guest on a single channel.

The boundaries of this new option for communities on Twitch mean that anyone with a phone verified Twitch account can be in on this type of multi-streamer event. This includes viewers!

It's currently being tested by 150k streamers in BETA mode and will be launched later in 2023.

Basic features that have been confirmed include:

Stream Together BETA

- Up to 6 streamers at once

- Easy single URL into OBS from Twitch, personal configuration available.

- Guest Layouts

- Audio Only Mode

- Favourites (for notifications on when others collabs are open and live)

- Shared viewership numbers

- Merge chats of collaborating channels

Overall, this seems like a positive step in being able to team up with other creators and viewers, and will be interesting to see it mix with Simulcasting which will discuss further down!

Animated Emotes to Alerts

We've spoken many times about how viewership and interactivity go hand in hand. Give viewers something to aim for, to create, to set off on screen - and it will encourage them to not only watch, but interact with your content!

Emotes are a huge part of your personality as a creator online, and almost every level of streamer is able to add emotes to their channel!

Twitch have now announced the introduction of being able to add your animated emotes as alerts! With the newly doubled amount of slots they also announced, this allows a huge opportunity to fill your stream with more fun reactions and animations for your viewers! Alerts will also be available to enable third-party interactions like tipping.

In a nutshell:

- Animated Emotes can be used as Alerts

- Double animated emote slots for affiliates and partners

- More slots for those who use Twitch's alerts for Hypetrains or Subs

- Third-party enabled for Alerts (tipping etc.)

Security and Promotion Updates

To cut down the jargon on this section, because a lot of these parts of blog posts and updates can be very wordy, when really you just want the facts.

Promotions and Ads Updates:

- Chat Countdown Timer visible to mods

- New insights in Ads Manager

- New event in December, similar to SUBtember

Security and Policy Updates:

- Updates to the Off-service policy are already live. Read in detail here.

- Channel Chat warnings. Next year you will be able to send anonymous warnings, that will need to be acknowledged by the chatter before they can resume chatting.

- AutoMod updates, more detection parameters that keep you safe and learns your modding behaviour.

- Twitch Embeds from Nov 1st are being updated, auto play will be disabled when the stream is not substantive to the page. The dev forum has more on this technical aspect here.

Overall, these are very important to take note of - especially the upcoming moderation changes which may need active participation from yourself or your mods. It is paramount to keep on top of the technical and policy changes to make sure your channel and content is protected.

Clip Editor, Stories and Discovery Feed

So we all know that short form content is the food of the internet in this day and age, so having more tools to create clips and easier discoverability of those clips is a game changer. Discoverability has been enhanced, with an algorithm to make finding new content easier, and also the Feed has been analysed for tweaking.

Stories were recently launched by Twitch, which they are updating with the following features:

-Uploading and filming short videos

- Tagging

- Ability to add gifs, links and polls.

- Analytics are in the works.

Featured Clips was launched in August, they have been monitoring it and will be adding extra functionalities to it:

- Set default clips for Discovery, as well as managing tools for this.

- Clip editor additions: Vertical, editor access and robust features for editing.

Multiplatform with Simulcasting

And the one we have all been waiting for - Multiplatform streaming, otherwise known as Simulcast.

Since the dark ages, creators have asked for this and now it is here. This is a huge, huge opportunity for streamers to make use of the avenues they have available to maximise the reach of their content. The freedom of choice as to where and how you show your content just got more flexible.

Please read through the Simulcasting Article here - and then go out into a much bigger world for your content.


Twitch Con Las Vegas did not disappoint for streamers and creators alike! These are a massive set of announcements, that really open up the streaming and streamer world to everyone!

We will be coming at you very soon with a more detailed guide on how to set up the new aspects announced by Twitch.

Until next time, you'll find me in Baulder's Gate,

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