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Customise your stream pack

This week we have new newness and some more expansions for your favourite packs!

Our latest pack "Grid" is now in store and we have an extra treat included. We're working on a guide to editing the coloursets of our packs - but with Grid they come included! Want to change the overall tone? Have a look at the included LUT files to do so. We're looking forward to bringing this option to all our new and existing packs, whether it be use supplying it, or talking you through our guides to edit it yourself.

Bring a whole new layer of customisable to your pre-made assets, direct from us!

Also on the menu this week, we have our next widget now available. Let's check out all the new releases this week below.

The beauty of customisation


Our new pack for this week!

The next in our range of world inspired packs, minimal and geometric - the perfect tone for a variety of games. Introducing Grid!

Included this week, LUT files to edit the colour tones and allow you even more customisation options for your stream upgrades.

Our packs feature all the assets you need for your stream, ready to go on Twitch, Facebook Gaming and YouTube.

Stream Labels, your way

Advanced Labels

The next available widget in our collection.

Our Advanced Label Widget allows you to create and edit labels for your events, customise your fonts, animations seamlessly.

Fully customise each event, the way you like it. Simple to install with a 1 click set-up.

master of the sword

Shogun Emotes

The latest expansion pack available for our Shogun Pack!

Hand drawn and unique designs based around our adorable, warrior!

3D Animated chest alerts


Our latest 3D chest alert expansion comes for our synthwave inspired pack Hyperchome!

Our explosive alert packs are designed to reward your biggest supporters.


Creating packs that are right for you is something we've always wanted to do. We're happy to be giving you more options on how to make your stream truly yours whilst using our pre-made packs and assets.

Make sure to join the GETREKT Elements Discord. extra support direct from the GETREKT team, and to be the first to know our new releases. We provide on hand assistance with your customising ventures!

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