Lab Report: Patch 2.7

Processing version 2.7000. New Elements discovered. Incoming expansion initialising. Please wait...

To infinity!

Friday is here! That means new goodies on the store, and also, it's the weekend.

We have our next pack ready for you, and it is in store now! We gave you a sneak peek earlier this week on our socials, we like to be on theme so Star Wars week has to mean space!

Before we head into the new pack realm, let's have a look at some on brand and on theme packs already available.

Part 3 Bonanza Expansion, you read.

New, new, new.

And now introducing this week’s newbie! Welcome to the store, Stellar.


Stellar Stream Pack

For the explorers and astronauts in us all!

• 3D Animated Scene Pack
• 15 Animated Alert Variations
• Scene Transition with SFX
• 7 Overlay Variations
• 3 Unique Intermissions
• 17 Editable Panels
• 3 Editable Social Banners

With easy 1 click set up, ready for Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.


Last week we mentioned the Creator Grant was heading back into action for 2022. We have some super exciting brands joining us to support you!

We'll be revealing more details this week, I highly recommend heading over to Twitter and following us at @getrektlabs!


Our one stop shop for those needing a little advice on how to set up their ElementsView All


We're currently working on creating more guides and resources such as the above blogs to help with your streamer journey.

Remember for extra support direct from the GETREKT team, and to be the first to know our new releases, join the GETREKT Elements Discord.

Until next week,


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