Hellmann's "No Space for Food Waste"

With one-third of food wasted globally, Hellmann’s and Starfield united in a galaxy wide challenge to educate Gen Z on the “No Space for Food Waste” campaign using Twitch creators to boost the signal.

We teamed up with Edelman to deliver an innovative live stream campaign with the goal of promoting the "No Space for Food Waste" message with a fun filled, challenge based activation.

Project Info





Project Scope

  • Live Stream Design
  • 3D Animation
  • Dynamic Overlay Design
  • Database driven live production
  • 3D Modelling
  • Twitch Creator Distribution

Mayo Synthesis

Before we made a start on the stream overlays, we had to get busy creating the assets we needed for the project. Starting with the creation of a photo real, 3D product render of Hellmann’s famous mayonnaise jar.


  • 3D modelled Mayo jar
  • 3D texturing
  • Photo real rendering

Mayo in Space

Our team got creative and put space helmets on to develop a comprehensive stream overlays package for the “No Space for Food Waste” campaign, blending mayonnaise and the sci-fi themes of Bethesda’s epic, Starfied.


  • 3D Animated Scenes
  • 3D Animated Scene Transition
  • Challenge complete animations
  • Automated challenge overlays
  • Automated marketing message displays

Food Collection Challenge Goals


Create a food collection challenge system for Starfield, using OBS controllers to update the challenge bar in real time.


Encourage friendly creator competition through leaderboards and on screen displays including key marketing messages in relation to the campaign.


Use on screen animations to celebrate challenges being completed in relation to food waste collected and real world stats.

Creator Signal Boost

Cyborg Angel






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