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Find your Legend

It's been a pretty legendary week all round for gaming! TLR this week will talk through our newest release of godly proportions and it's legendary breathern, but let's have a quick recap first of the games taking over our lives at the moment (what is sleep?).

Bow to your Queen.. Worm?

Yes, let's talk Witch Queen! Destiny 2, the RPG/MMO/FPS hybrid of it's own category, slammed - no - drop kicked us to the face with possibly the greatest story Bungie have ever told.

Savathun, The Queen of Cunning and Worm familiar aficionado, weaves a reality for herself that may not be all it seems, and this leads to some hard truths for her and some even harder truths for us. Looking at you white ball in the sky, forever plotting.

I don't intend to give away any spoilers here, but between the new scenery, the level design, the option for a harder campaign story, the new core systems within the game and more... pretty epic start for our friends at Bungie. Bravo.

Visit the Guardian Collection - Guardian and Dark Guardian stream packs, alerts, emotes and more .

Here's the trailer for latest Season - Season of The Risen - Destiny 2, Bungie

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Ringing in those 10s

Elden Ring is out! The day has finally come for millions of people to repeatedly die in unison, respawn, and go again. A fable of resilience.

Reception for Elden Ring has been, you could say, high praise....



Ragnar, our God of War inspired. pack

For the Vikings and Gods out there! Featuring heavy Norse and battle themes throughout - this is a pack for the epic gamers!

1 click set-up, ready for Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming.


It's been a dark and sinister week of the best kind. Whether you are parrying your life away in Elden Ring, or getting raid ready in Destiny 2 - let us know what you're up to this weekend on socials - @getrektlabs.

Remember for extra support direct from the GETREKT team, and to be the first to know our new releases, join the GETREKT Elements Discord.

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