The Creator Grant

And the winner is.. MetalManGG!

The team here at GETREKT, along with our partners Gamer Advantage, ADVANCEDgg, and BEACN, have been running the Creator Grant for almost 2 years. Since the start of 2021 we have strived to deliver regular support to content creators, and to guide them along their journey in their chosen career.

The Creator Grant supports one lucky chosen applicant every 8 weeks, along with our educational live streams The Reactor. The Grant offers a financial incentive of up to $500USD of prizes from ourselves and our partners, and the Reactor brings the experience and expertise of existing industry reps directly to you on a wealth of content creation topics.

We've had several winners of the Grant now, and we thought we'd like to hear some feedback from them on their thoughts about the Creator Grant and what it means to them.


Creator name: MetalManGG


Twitter: @MetalManGG

Instagram: @MetalManGG

Let's hear from MetalManGG!

Tell us about yourself!

MetalManGG, my main channel is my Twitch one:

Tell us about your channel!

I have started (on) my content creation journey on June 2020. My favorite part of content creation has been all the people I've gotten to know and connect with, both viewers and other content creators. I also love all the new music and bands that I've gotten to discover following viewer requests.

My community isn't the biggest, but it is a fantastic and kind group of people. They are super welcoming to new viewers and very understanding of the challenges that come with content creation, so they are very encouraging. They keep me on track!

How did you find out about the Creator Grant?

Through a Twitter post by GETREKT Labs

What made you want to apply for the Creator Grant?

I am going through a country change which not only is super expensive, but my setup on my new apartment will be different.

Right now I bounce two lights off the wall which I won't be able to do in the new setup. The possibility of saving some money in new lighting was the main drive.

In addition to this, I feel like the Rocksmith and metal community on Twitch is still very small and does not have a lot of visibility. Putting my name out there might attract new viewers, not only to my channel but also to the category itself.

How did you feel when you were announced as the winner of the Creator Grant?

It was very exciting! I don't think I have ever won anything before, so it was a welcome surprise. My community was also very happy to see it.

Which opportunities would you like to gain from our Partners of the Creator Grant?

I feel like I'm at a part of my content creation journey where I'm happy with what I'm doing. Right now the main priority is to get my name out there and get some more eyes on my channel.

Having been announced as the winner has already resulted in a couple of followers on my channel, so more Social Media exposure is great. In addition to this, having my name out there for potential corporate partners is very important to me. Possibly unlocking some partnered content in the future would help me stay afloat in the "business" while removing some of the financial burden from my viewers.

I would love for my viewers to be able to enjoy their time on my channel without them worrying for how much longer I can keep doing what I do without their direct financial contributions.

Tell us about your prizes! What did you choose, and what will you be using them for?

I have won an Elgato Keylight, as I mentioned before. Because of my move (and thus setup change), my lighting has to be overhauled. By winning the Keylight I can now invest those funds on other parts of my setup that need revamping.

MetalManGG has also won an Ultimate Bundle from the Elements Store, a BEACN Mic and Mix from BEACN, and $100 voucher to spend from ADVANCEDgg and Gamer Advantage.

Overall, how do you feel about opportunities like the Creator Grant?

I feel like it's a fantastic opportunity. The prizes - when picked carefully - really help improve our content and the social media exposure that comes with the announcement also helps getting new eyes on our channels.


Thank you to MetalManGG for giving us such awesome feedback on how the Creator Grant has helped propel them forward to the next step in their content creation career!

We're looking forward to 2023 and bringing you a new and updated version of The Creator Grant! Keep an eye on our socials for more.

On my way to Ragnarok,


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