The Creator Grant

Everything you need to know about our content creator financial support grant.

About the Creator Grant

Whether it’s GO LIVE, publish, or upload video, apprehension and excitement exist in the same moment before you press that button. Each day brings a new atmosphere, new memories, and new challenges.

A short time ago, in the world before the pandemic, we brought you the Reactor LIVE. A series of educational events to assist content creators in navigating the world of streaming, networking, set-up, community and the many, many more avenues available to them. During 2020 and 2021 we moved these events online, but we are plotting in the background to bring them back to you in person!

The Reactor was born from the idea that knowledge and education for Content Creators should be accessible and available, and that the support should be there to progress you onto the next steps of your Content Creation career.

You can catch all of our Reactor Episodes on our YouTube.

You can now listen to Reactor Episodes as a Podcast! Available to stream and download.

Prizes and contributing Partners

Firstly, let's lay out what you can win directly from us at GETREKT Labs!

One chosen applicant will receive:

- A $300USD prize in the form of a chosen item that is targeted towards improving and enabling your content creation career.

This will need to be chosen from AMAZON, and be able to be purchased in the UK and sent to your address.

- An Ultimate Bundle of your choice from the GETREKT Elements store, or equivalent credit.

To check out the Ultimate Bundles

Please note, you cannot request GETREKT Labs custom graphics as your prize, any application featuring this will be automatically removed from consideration.

Now let's take a look at our generous partners and their contributions to the prize pool.


ADVANCED®gg produces a line of premium performance supplements for the gaming and lifestyle sectors. Now one of the market leaders, they consistantly give back to their communities.

ADVANCED are offering $100USD in store credit to the chosen winner of the Creator Grant.

To check out their products please visit:

Follow them on social media: @ADVANCEDgg


Gamer Advantage's mission is to consider the health and saftey of all gamers, starting with your eyes. Specially and clinically proven glasses to benefit those screen sessions.

Gamer Advantage are offfering $100USD in store credit the the Creator Grant winner.

To check our their products:

Follow them on social media: @GamerAdvantage


BEACN are creators of studio level equipment, for everyone. Their main focus is to improve your content.

BEACN are offering a BEACN Mic and BEACN Mix, or, a BEACN Mic and BEACN Mix Create. This will be awarded to the successful grant applicant, in their chosen colour.

View their products here:

Follow them on social media: @beacn

Our Partners

Now we have seen the prizes, let's taker a closer looks at our fellow supportees who help bring the Creator Grant to life.

A beautiful friendship that began many moons ago with Destiny and some very fun tournaments.

In 2018 a new vision in gaming supplements was born by the team, featuring a line of products that do what they say on the tin for performance optimisation. They are now a globally recognised brand in the gaming industry. have put forward a $100USD store credit prize, so that you can perform at your pinacle, doing what you love - creating content!

To see what you could get as part of the grant winnings head to their website:

And make sure to follow them on social media: @ADVANCEDgg

Gamer Advantage

Wellbeing. Wellness. Gaming

Gamer Advantage invest in the science of gaming, with their main goal to protect and care for your vision whilst doing your favourite hobby. Your vision is one of the most important senses when it comes to playing, creating and viewing content!

This is why protecting your eyes is paramount, and that is what Gamer Advantage do! Their high quality optical frames paired with clinically proven lens technology are created with you and your passion in mind.

Gamer Advantage are offeing $100USD store credit to the winner.

To see what you could use your grant rewarded store credit on, head to their site to check out the latest in scientific eyewear available:

Make sure to also follow on social media: @gameradvantage


Our newest partner, BEACN, are the creators of software and technology made especially for gamers and content creators. A leading disruptor and audio innovator, they create studio quality content that is created with YOU in mind.

Their products include the world's most powerful microphone - the BEACN Mic, the BEACN Mix audio controller and BEACN Mix Create, a mixer built specifically for content creators.

And BEACN are offering either a BEACN Mix or BEACN Mix Create in a colour of your chosing for their prize for the Creator Grant!

To check out the specifics and details of the equipment that could be yours, head to their site:

Make sure to follow them on social media: @beacn

Application Tips

A good application is good, a great application is GREAT.

Standing out from the crowd is what we are all about. Creating a reaction.

We want to see YOUR reaction, your originality, and your personality shine through your application. We receive hundreds of applicants, and the best ones are the people who show and give great detail about why they love what they do.

You can read our Application Tips here - it is highly recommended.

The Creator Grant -How to apply

Applications are open!

The closing date is the 27th of October 2022 at 23:59 BST.

You must be over 18, and please read the terms and conditions within the form. There are specifics within them you must meet to be eligable for the grant.


The winner will be announced at a special event after the closing date.

Follow @getrektlabs and for updates.


We hope this article tells you all about what a special opportunity the Creator Grant is. We're excited to read all of your submissions!

Until next time,


GETREKT Labs and GETREKT Elements create custom and pre-made stream overlays for YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Kick, Tiktok and all major streaming platforms, for use with StreamElements, StreamLabs and OBS.

GETREKT Labs features custom stream overlays, animated Twitch overlays, interactive stream assets, 3D world building, Unreal Engine 5 environments, custom widgets, stream overlays for OBS, camera overlays, reactive overlays, emotes, alerts, sound effects (sfx), set-up, coding and more for all items. Set-up includes all platforms and integration with StreamLabs, Stream Elements and OBS.

GETREKT Elements features pre-made stream overlays and assets, including animated Twitch stream overlays, camera overlays, stream layouts, emotes, alerts, sfx, Twitch panels, scene transitions, stingers, OBS overlays and more – all with an easy 1 click set up in StreamLabs and StreamElements with OBS.

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