Premium SFX Setup Guide

Welcome, this is a short guide on how to take advantage of our Premium Audio packs, if you can’t get the full support from this guide, please make sure to join our discord for live support.

Table of Contents

1. Alert SFX Replacement


1. Start by logging into your Streamelements account, clicking on Overlays, then edit the Overlay containing the alerts you would like to replace the audio with.

2. Find the Alert Layer > Settings > Click on the cog next to the event type.

3. Near the top of the next screen, you will see “Upload Sound”, select this followed by the “Upload” button in the top right corner of the popup. 

4. Drag and drop your premium SFX here and wait for it to upload, when complete, select the newly uploaded SFX and click “Submit”

5. Repeat with other alert events you would like to add the premium SFX to.


1. Start by logging into your Streamlabs account, then clicking on “Alert Box”.

2. Select the event you would like to add the premium sfx

3. Click on the upload button where it asks to “Select Audio File”.

4. Select “Uploads” in the following popup and Drag and Drop your desired premium SFX into the popup. When the upload is complete, select the new SFX followed by the “Select” button.

5. Repeat with other alert events you would like to add the premium SFX to.

2. Custom Tracks

OBS.Studio or Streamlabs Desktop

1. Open OBS.Studio or Streamlabs Desktop

2. Find the scene you would like to add the custom track to.

3. Click the + sign in the sources section followed by “Media Source”, name the source as you please

4. In the following Popup window, click browse to locate your SFX file on your computer.

5. Make sure “Loop” is checked if you would like it to loop infinitely until you swap scenes. 

6. Repeat for other scenes you would like to have the custom track in.

3. Transition SFX Replacement

Due to how transitions work on OBS, audio has to be burned into the video for you, or your stream to hear the transition SFX.

We provide a transparent MOV (Pro-Res 4444) as well as a WebM version of all our transitions, each version has an audio free + burned in audio version.

Just for reference, MOV’s are much larger files than WebMs, so you want to be using the WebMs in your streaming software to avoid your PC burning alive, and losing frames while streaming.

1. Start by downloading, then installing Shutter Encoder.

2. Open the software, then drag and drop the Transition MOV (with or without audio, does not matter here) you would like to replace the audio on.

3. Drag and drop the Transition WAV SFX. 

*Note the video has to be at the top of the list for this work.

4. Click on the Choose Function dropdown and select Replace Audio.

5. Click on Start function to start the render, when finished, this will add the new MOV to the same folder the original was in.

6. On Shutter Encoder, click on the Clear button at the top to clear the render list.

7. Drag and drop the newly rendered MOV back into Shutter Encoder

8. Click on the Choose Function dropdown and select VP9 which is under the Output Codecs section. 

9. **IMPORTANT** In the settings panel to the right, select Advanced features and make sure you turn on Enable alpha channel

10. If you want/know what you are doing, you can increase the bitrate to around 8000 here for increase in quality, but do this knowing it will take more cpu power when the transition is triggered.

11. When ready, click on Start Function, to start the render.

12. When finished, make sure you use the WebM when you replace the transition in OBS/Streamlabs Desktop.

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