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Let's catch up!

Good morning - evening - night everyone! We've been a little quiet this month on the Lab Report front, due to our writer (me) being in the States for a few weeks. We're all back now, we've had an exciting month of June, and we've got some changes and announcements on the horizon.

Firstly, The Lab Report is moving to a monthly edition! Our engagement on our other channels to new posts and items in the store has been phenomenal, so we've decided to concentrate all our big news and releases into a monthly newsletter. It will be posted on here as normal, and those of you who have signed up will receive it by email! If you'd like to be kept up to date - scroll to the bottom of this page, fill in your email in the JOIN OUR COMMUNITY box, and click subscribe.

Education and Advice for Content Creators

The Reactor

On the 1st of June, we aired the latest episode of the Reactor. Featuring CyborgAngel, CMO of ADVANCEDgg, Farcognitions, and our very own AN00BIS!

On this episode we spoke to our guests about GAMING EVENTS! As a creator, it is likely you will either attend as a guest or be invited to represent the industy by companies or industry reps, or join as a member of the public.

With so many events starting up again after the pandemic, it is worth knowing which ones are important for you to attend, as well as how you can make the most of your time there.

For all of this and more head to our YouTube channel, where you can watch all episodes of the Reactor in full -

Financial support for content creators

The Creator Grant

In May, we announced the return of The Creator Grant!

We were blown away by the amount of applications received, and we had a lot of fun reading through all of your excellent entries.

We're able to announce today that the Creator Grant will return very soon, the official notice of applications being open will be posted on our socials so make sure to follow @getrektlabs on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram!

A huge thank you to our partners @ADVANCEDgg, @GamerAdvantage, and @BEACN for their support.

Create your own look - your way

Elements Store

It officially has been 6 months since we launched the Elements Store! It's been an exciting half a year, and we're overly proud of the creative items that we've made for you!

Our aim with our Elements store was to bring our creative energy straight to you, in easy to install, pre-made packages.

For those who have yet to check out the store, we have a huge range of pre-made assets that are ready to personalise your stream. From 3D scenes, to chest alerts, to emotes. These can be purchased as a pack, or you can use our Box Builder to make your own package from Elements across the store.

We have a couple of store announcements coming in August, so watch this space!

forging connections matters

Attending events

We were very fortunate to attend GCX in June, and meet some of your amazing faces! Attending these events is always a privilege, and we've made some great connections both professionally and personally.

Our plan is to have a representative from GETREKT at as many of these events as possible going forward. As talked about in last months Reactor, creator and gaming events are a fantastic chance to meet and forge new relationships with industry reps and other creators.

Pictured to the right - the ADVANCEDgg team and AN00BIS at the official GCX afterparty hosted by ADVANCEDgg.

We've been working on some plans in the background and are hopeful to announce some of the details soon.


So that is June for us! We've also done some custom builds for a bunch of amazing creators! You can see all of our custom projects on our Portfolio page.

We'd like to thank everyone who made June such an awesome month - from the applicants of the Creator Grant, to the names and faces we have had the honour to meet IRL at GCX in Florida. You guys make our jobs extra special.

Remember for extra support direct from the GETREKT team, and to be the first to know our new releases, join the GETREKT Elements Discord.

Yours in Noor,


Streaming News

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