Twitch Updates: Make more money, Broadcasting Beta News & Tips on Successful Streams from the Twitch CEO.

Twitch Update: Payout Programs

Partner Plus to Plus Program

In the latter part of 2023, Twitch introduced the Partner Plus Program - shortly to be renamed the Plus Program - to clarify the shared revenue with themselves and the creators that earn directly from their platform.

A set of criteria was shared that showed the revenue split in regards to paid and gifted subs, and as of January 2024 Twitch have made the announcement to some BIG updates to the program.

  • HUGE news for creators and streamers - Twitch have widened the net for who can benefit from Plus. Streamers who keep at a level of 100 points for three consecutive months will now get the 60/40 split on subscriptions.
  • Equally HUGE news for aspiring creators and streamers - Affliates can now join the program! The reduction of points to qualify means that Affliates can meet the threshold.
  • And finally - earn more from Twitch. The 70/30 revenue split is now at a 300 point threshold, instead of 350.

With these new updates, the program has been rebranded as the Plus Program. You can read in more detail on Twitch's help page.

No more $100K Cap

In the big leagues, or hoping to live the dream one day? The cap on revenue at the 70/30 share bracket has disappeared into the aether. Twitch has removed this cap, which essentially moved you from a 70% to a 50% share over $100USD. It is now gone, and the changes are already live.

Prime Gaming

Slightly negative news on the Prime Gaming sub front. For years, the option to use an Amazon Prime Gaming sub to a streamer was a welcome bonus to a yearly subscription used by millions, and also a nice boost to streamers if you were unable to pay the cost of another tier. They have been equal to the revenue earned from usual subs in the past, but from 3rd of June 2024 the model is changing.

You can see the rates here, but overall it is a slight decrease. Twitch have declared this should not make much difference to many streamers, but those in the higher brackets could be impacted. Only time will tell as to the revenue differences for streamers of all levels.

Enhanced Broadcast Beta

Enhanced Broadcast Beta - What is it and how to join?

Ok bear with us through the technical jargon.

Transcodes -> Bandwidth -> Buffer free stream.

At the most basic level, transcodes covert your video into resolutions that fit YOUR viewers bandwidth and give your viewers the best video experience possible.

Pretty key to your content as a streamer, right?

Up until now a mixture of cloud, processing and time have meant that Twitch have only been able to guarantee a supply of transcodes to Partners, whilst actually offering them to all streamers.

Which leads us to now - Twitch wants to supply and guarantee these pretty essential parts of broadcasting your stream to ALL streamers. And to do this, they have been working with NVIDIA and OBS to make it possible through Enhanced Broadcasting to OBS. In laymen's terms, they will create dedicated resources within your GPU to achieve this.

Two points to keep in mind with this, taken from the Enhanced Broadcasting Beta article announcement - which we highly recommend you read for the full technical spiel. The GPUs that are specifically mentioned are NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs, and this will still depend on your computers ability.

To join the Beta to see the new tech first hand, head to the Streaming Tools page in your Creator Dashboard.

Twitch Boss shares tips!

Twitch CEO Dan Clancy shares their insider information!

Recently the CEO of Twitch has been busy amongst the new updates, as well as usual Twitch news and scandal.

Dan Clancy took some time to share some wisdom with the Twitch community, creators and streamers alike - and what his biggest tips are for being successful on the platform, which were three big tips that we wholeheartedly agree with!

‘Collaboration will make it easier to make content … The best way to grow on Twitch is collaboration with other streamers,’ Clancy said.'

That's right - collaboration is strongly recommended! The benefits of teaming up with other streamers are endless, including sharing viewers, communities, numbers, and more. It can also be incredibly positive for the overall wellbeing of the streamer themselves, as other creators will understand the highs and lows of streaming. Streaming can be social and creative, but also isolating at times.

‘Streaming on Twitch is about building a community, and building a community is about some level of consistency. Not necessarily 30 hours a week. I make sure I stream at least once a week,’ he said.'

Another couple of great tips within this - a) build a community and b) consistency.

Building a community is a great way to covet a positive and enjoyable environment for your existing and new viewers. Whether this is for a variety of games or a single game, this can make your stream successful.

Consistency is key. This is probably one of the most important decisions you can make as an up-and-coming creator, as well as an existing creator. If your audience know when you will be streaming, they will show up. This branches directly off of fostering a community.


Some huge updates for 2024 on Twitch! And it is only January! Mostly positive news for the income of Twitch streamers, as well as the chance for better quality broadcasts. Start 2024 off right by reviewing the tips from Twitch's CEO, and if you'd like to hear direct from the streamers themselves on some of these topics, you can find our podcast on YouTube.

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