The Game Awards 2021

No different than previous years; The Game Awards is famous for its award ceremony, but also for dropping announcements for the hottest upcoming games.

On Thursday evening the awards were live streamed from LA at Microsoft Theatre, if you weren’t lucky enough to attend or you missed the stream – here is the biggest news from this year’s event!

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Announcements at the Game Awards 2021

Star Wars Eclipse

We will see a new Star Wars game in a not too far away time, STAR WARS Eclipse is in production by Quantic Dream in collaboration with Lucasfilms.

Alan Wake 2

After a decade long wait, Alan Wake 2 is announced for 2023. Steering away slightly from the action genre, Remedy set the bar for expectations with a jump scare centric trailer.

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Elden Ring

Elden Ring developers presented a new story trailer for the highly anticipated game of 2022, showing some of the lore behind the Fromsoft epic due next year.

The Expanse

Highly celebrated TV series The Expanse is getting their own Telltale series by Life is Strange: True Colours studio, Deck Nine.

Halo - The TV Series

Halo, much loved cult classic and recent revamped hit, isgetting its own TV show. A Paramount exclusive series is expected to air in 2022.

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The Awards

Game of The Year

The games industry is a powerhouse across the globe now. Gaining recognition of the hours of effort, passion and work put into something that you have created, is the cherry on top of a very, very tall sundae for most.

Some true strong contenders for the title of Game of the Year, awarded to It Takes Two.

A unique co-op only mode game, which follows a divorced couple as they navigate a series of puzzles. Heavily focused on multiplayer and the retro styling of this game resonated with not just the judges, but also the players. It Takes Two also scoops Best Family Game and Best Multiplayer Game for Hazelight Studios.

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Most Anticipated Game

A monster of a category, featuring Elden Ring, God of War Ragnarok, Horizion Forbidden West, Breath of the Wild Sequel and Starfield. Any one of these games could have taken home the prize, but it was FromSoft who walked away with the trophy for Elden Ring. It’s expected release is February 2022.

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“Best” Categories - Games

Best Action Game - Returnal

Best Action/Adventure Game - Meteroid Dread

Best RPG - Tales of Arise

Best Fighting Game - Guilty Gear -Strive-

Best Family Game -Game of the Year winner, It Takes Two

Best Sports/Racing Game - Forza Horizon 5

Best SIM/Strategy Game - Age of Empires IV

Best Multiplayer Game -Game of the Year winner It Takes Two picks up a 3rd
award, beating out the likes of New World and Valheim

Best Ongoing Game - Final Fantasy XIV Online – not unsurprising with it’s server
breaking release of Endwalker this month.

Best Esports Game- League of Legends

Best Indie Game - Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Best Debut Indie Game - Kena: Bridge of Spirits picks up its second award!

Best Mobile Game - Genshin Impact

Best VR/AR Game -Resident Evil 4

“Best” Categories – Art focused

Best Art Direction - Deathloop

Best Score/Music - Nier Replicant

Best Audio Design - Forza Horizon 5

Best Performance - Maggie Robertson, Resident Evil Village

Other categories

Best Community Support - Final Fantasy XIV Online

Games for Impact – Life is Strange: True Colours

Innovation in Accessibility – Forza Horizon 5

Content and Creator Categories

Content Creator of the Year – Dram

Best Esports Athlete - S1mple

Best Esports Coach - Silent

Best Esports Event - League of Legends Worlds 2021

Best Esports Team - Natus Vincere CS:GO

How do you feel about the award winners? Have a favourite who missed out, or overjoyed for a winner? Let us know on Twitter, or join the GETREKT Elements Community Discord to chat with other passionate gamers.

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