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This month at GETREKT

Welcome to our newest, now monthly, edition of The Lab Report!

We're here to catch up on everything that happened at GETREKT in July, including our new releases and projects - as well as plans for The Reactor and the Creator Grant.

Education and Advice for Content Creators

The Reactor

The next episode of the Reactor is on it's way.

Tune in:
4th August
8pm GMT+1 / 3pm EST

We are going to be talking Mental Health and Gaming! We know that mental health is such an important part of self to be kept in check, and to be worked on constantly to keep yourself healthy. We have two very awesome guest joining us, who are both pillars in their communities in regards to this subject.

Guest announcement will come on Monday!

The applications for The Creator Grant will close shortly before the 4th of August. Head to The Hub to see more on applying.

Custom projects

Your ideas, our magic

We have several sides to GETREKT, The Creator Grant, our events The Forge and The Reactor, the Elements pre-made store - and then also our custom work, GETREKT Labs.

We've stepped up our game, and now have a huge focus on what we can achieve in Unreal Engine5. This month we have released several builds with aspects created in Unreal from scratch.

This includes Trevoir's build to the left, where the environment was made fully within the software, creating an area of unprecedented quality.

You can see Trevior's build in full on our YouTube channel

Insomnia gaming festival 26th - 28th august

GETREKT & #i69

We're on our travels again, and this one is just down the road!

GETREKT will be attending UK based gaming festival Insomnia i69, which takes place in Birmingham.

From opening time on Friday 26th August to closing on Sunday 28th August, the team will be pitched up in our own area.

Featuring special guests, a main stage talk, multiple workshops, on demand consultations, discounts for visitors, and more.

More information on this to be released in the coming weeks!
See you there!


And cut! That's us for July!

Hopefully we will see you for Insomnia, we're looking forward to getting back out there with our communities!

Remember for extra support direct from the GETREKT team, and to be the first to know our new releases, join the GETREKT Elements Discord.

Higher, further, faster, baby,


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