Minecraft Legends

GETREKT and Assembly collaborated with XBOX on an exciting project to support the launch of Minecraft Legends.

The live stream event featured unique stream integrations that enhanced the viewership experience.

Featuring an Attention-grabbing Piglin screen takeover, streams were enhanced with visually captivating elements that seamlessly blended the game world with live production with the goal of driving viewer engagement and interaction.

Project Info


Assembly Media



Project Scope

  • 3D Character Rigging and Animation
  • Stream Takeover Visuals
  • Fullscreen Animated 'Boss' Alerts
  • Persisting on-screen goal widget
  • Fully integrated backend solution
  • Interaction tracking
  • Supporting Social Assets

The War For The Overworld

This interactive overlay features a dynamic progress bar styled as a tug of war.

Were viewers were able to utilize emotes to combat the invading Piglin horde. The progress bar visually represents the intense struggle, showcasing the relentless advance of the Piglins countered by the collective efforts of viewers.

With meticulous attention to detail, the overlay seamlessly integrates Minecraft Legends' elements, immersing viewers in the action. Creating an engaging streaming experience as Xbox streamers and their audience actively participated in the battle against the Piglins, creating a sense of unity and excitement.

The Piglin Takeover

GETREKT were tasked with creating a 'Piglin Invasion' to help visualise the battle with the overworld.

As the battle commences, Piglins start appearing on the screen, initially in small numbers. Each Piglin is intricately animated, featuring the distinct armor, weapons and markings that define their class and horde.

As the stream progresses and the battle escalates, the number of Piglins gradually increases, creating a sense of impending chaos and urgency for the viewer. The Piglins emerge from the edges of the overlay, scattering across the screen, effectively simulating an invasion.

Resetting the overlay with a bang!

The team created a captivating animated transition that added some extra excitement to the live streams.

This dynamic transition animation features a Creeper sneaking onto the screen, causing a powerful explosion that propels a Piglin towards the viewers.

The overlay uses the explosion to seamlessly blend back into the main scene resetting the action. Creating a surprising and action-packed moment, to make the stream more engaging and memorable for viewers.

The Horde Bosses

The Unbreakable

Like any other Piglin, the Unbreakable is a power hungry and arrogant opportunist who wouldn't hesitate to take the throne from the Great Hog. However, no other Piglin is as cutthroat and relentless in their pursuit of the highest rank.

The Devourer

The Devourer rules over the Horde of the Spore from their wretched royal soup-bath. They are feared for their ferocity and their insatiable hunger to consume anything in sight - runt, mob and villager alike.

The Beast

The Beast's ferocious speed is only matched by their petulance and pride. But more than anything, this piglin lives for the hunt.

Social Media Assets

The team further supported the event with the creation of a suite of supporting social assets. With careful attention to detail, we developed striking visuals and engaging content that aligned closely with the brand's theme. These social assets include striking graphics, promotional banners, dynamic videos, and animated GIFs, all designed to enhance the visibility and excitement surrounding the event.

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