Minecraft Legends

GETREKT and Assembly collaborated with XBOX on an exciting project to support the launch of Minecraft Legends.

The live stream event featured unique stream integrations that enhanced the viewership experience.

Featuring an Attention-grabbing Piglin screen takeover, streams were enhanced with visually captivating elements that seamlessly blended the game world with live production with the goal of driving viewer engagement and interaction.

Project Info


Assembly Media



Project Scope

  • 3D Character Rigging and Animation
  • Stream Takeover Visuals
  • Fullscreen Animated 'Boss' Alerts
  • Persisting on-screen goal widget
  • Fully integrated backend solution
  • Interaction tracking
  • Supporting Social Assets

The War For The Overworld

The Piglin Takeover

Resetting the overlay with a bang!

The Horde Bosses

Social Media Assets

Streaming News

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