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Increase your production value and stream revenue with professional stream overlays from GETREKT. Upgrade your stream instanly with our premade stream overlay store Elements, or enter the Lab to start your custom design journey with our expert design team.

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  • Twitch
  • Streamlabs
  • Facebook Gaming
  • YouTube Gaming
  • Stream Elements

Esports Creative Team of the Year Finalists

Premade Overlays


Instantly access hundreds of unique stream overlay packages. Optimised for Twitch, Facebook and YouTube with one-click setup for OBS, Streamlabs and Stream Elements.



We've increased the production value and revenues of over 500 content creators with our expert design team. Enter the Lab and to start your dream custom stream overlays project.

Production Value

Improve your stream production value with one of our premade stream overlay packages or talk to our team about the dream custom project you've had on your mind for a while.

Up Your Engagement

Grab one of our alert packages from our stream overlays store, or speak to our team about ways we can help you to hit your channel goals with custom designs and coded integrations.

Make it easy

Our stream overlays come with 1 click-setup for OBS, Streamlabs and Stream Elements to get your channel upgraded in minutes or let our coding team do the hard part for you.

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Premium stream overlays

With hundreds of premade stream overlay packages to choose from, Elements is your one stop shop for overlays, alerts, emotes and widgets. All with easy one-click setup for Streamlabs and Stream Elements to get you up and running in minutes. Compatible with all major platforms including Twitch, YouTube and Facebook gaming!

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Over 500 Content Creators Upgraded

Since 2019 our design team have worked with over 500 content creators across the world. It's our mission to bring your ideas to life and upgrade your production value and increase your engagement and revenues. Whether its a new brand, integrated stream overlays, alert systems or unique coded integrations, we haven't failed a challenge yet.

Best In Class Design Team

Our designers are the best the industry offers. Check out our portfolio to see our recent work from original brand design to 3D stream overlays.

Proven Design Sprint Process

With 3 years of refinement, our sprint process has been designed to give you complete control over your stream package and delivery.

Professional Communication

Have direct contact with our stream design team throughout your project in the GETREKT Discord to give you full control over your custom project.

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Esports and gaming brands

We've worked with some of the biggest esports and gaming brands in the industry including Xbox, Samsung, Kairos Media and Meta. Get in touch to find out how we can help you to achieve your live stream production and marketing goals through professional stream design and automated solutions.


The hub

From the latest streaming and gaming news to our upcoming events, the Hub is your resource for all things content creation and technical support. Find out more about "The Reactor" educational networking events and how you can apply for the GETREKT Creator Grant!

The Creator Grant - The Grant for Content Creators
The Creator Grant
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